Kverneland iXtrack C Trailed Sprayer

Kverneland iXtrack C Trailed Sprayer

The Kverneland iXtrack C trailed sprayer is developed with big focus on operator comfort and environmental protection. The iXtrack C offers tank volumes of 3000, 4000 and 5000 and 6000 litres in combination with HSS 18-40 metre steel booms (18-30m 2-part folded and 27-40m 3-part folded) or HSA 24-33 metre aluminium booms. The third available boom is the HBWP with 45 metre boom width. It has a low centre of gravity and compact dimensions for higher working speeds and easy transportation on the road. The iXtrack C is also available with ISOBUS intelligence for features like the IsoMatch Tellus PRO terminal, iXflow recirculation system, IsoMatch GEOCONTROL, Ergodrive head land management and Boom Guide spray height control system. iXclean Comfort or iXclean Pro will give you even more operator comfort as functions like filling, spraying, rinsing and so on can be controlled out of the tractor cabin.

  • HSS or HBWP side folding or HSA high tech aluminium spray booms
  • Wheel axle options to fulfil your requirements
  • Easy operation, including Easy Set control panel
  • Non ISOBUS or ISOBUS compatible regulation systems
  • iXclean: every litre counts!
  • Possible in combination with IsoMatch GEOCONTROL


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