McConnel Agribuggy Self Propelled Sprayer

McConnel Agribuggy Self Propelled Sprayer


A high-performance self-propelled crop sprayer that delivers a greater power to weight ratio and fuel economy than any of its rivals.A unique low ground pressure design and mechanical drive technology enables operators to go where other sprayers can’t – working in wet conditions and tough terrain and allowing safe, productive working earlier and later in the year than rivals.With a tyre pressure of just 8psi, the Agribuggy enables operators to tackle jobs when other sprayers have to stay at home – opening up new opportunities and giving owners a crucial edge over rivals.

The Agribuggy comes equipped with a generous 2,700-litre spray tank that has been internally baffled and gel-coated. It features 12/24m fully hydraulic aluminium booms, and boom suspensions with tilt and yaw control.

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