McConnel 75 Series Hedgecutter

McConnel 75 Series Hedgecutter

• McConnel PA5675
• McConnel PA6475
• McConnel PA6575T
• McConnel PA7775T
• McConnel PA8075T

Precision-engineered at McConnel’s Shropshire production facility, McConnel 75 Series Power Arms are created from heavy-duty Strenx (Domex) steel, feature tapered C-section arms for extra strength, and meet the UK’s ISO 9001 hallmark of quality management.

  • 5.6m, 6.4m, 6.5m, 7.7m and 8.0m reach
  • A choice of three advanced control systems
  • High-performance 70hp hydraulics
  • 3-point linkage (PA5675, PA6475, PA6575T)
  • Five-point axle mounting (PA7775T and PA8075T)
  • Telescopic armset options
  • Easy Drive System (optional)
  • Hydraulic Power Slew
  • Hydraulic safety breakaway
  • Choice of nine different flailheads
  • Choice of 14 attachments

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