360 Litre 10HP Screw Compressor

360 Litre 10HP Screw Compressor

Air dryer system eliminates moisture from the air supply. Low noise output. Rotorcomp screw air end. Jefferson compressors come with 2 year warranty.

Belt-driven rotary screw compressor designed for high-capacity continuous, industrial use
Fitted with an efficient heavy duty three-phase electric motor (IE3)
Variable or fixed speed belt drive running modes
High capacity Rotorcomp® screw air end
Quiet running performance, ideal for environments requiring low noise emissions
Powder-coated solid steel cabinet housing with foam noise insulation barriers
100% duty cycle application
Air dryer system
Automatic time-controlled drain system & easy front end access for maintenance tasks
Advanced controller system
Automatic drain valve
Welded tank fully-compliant with the latest European manufacturing & safety standards

  • Tank Capacity: 360L
  • Voltage: 415V (3 Phase)
  • Current: 50A
  • Motor: 10HP / 7.5kW
  • Max. Pressure: 10.5Bar / 152psi
  • Air Displacement: 970L/min / 34.3cfm

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